Ice Dream Club

Ice Dream Club was established in 2018 by Ice Dream Ness Ziona Association with the aim of encouraging professionalism in the sport of figure skating without any age or level limit. Senior coach Nelly Goginashvili is in charge of the professional management of the club.

In the early years, the association focused on organizing professional training for adults. During the 2021-22 training season, the association’s activities expanded, and today, the club’s teams train skaters from the age of 3 to 65, from those who take their first steps on the ice, to skaters who participate in national and international competitions.

The club gives each skater a treatment tailored to his level, and allows all members to fulfill their dream of learning figure skating with the help of professional training to the highest level.

The club has figure skating groups for children, figure skating groups for teens, and figure skating groups for adults.

You are invited to join and skate with us!

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